You have questions? The frequently asked questions and their answers, we have put together on this page. If you cannot find your question please feel free to contact us via our contact form.

The idea of ​​rent-o-room is the result of feedback from customers and colleagues. In Germany there are about one million professionals who work predominantly at their houses when they are not at the customer. Every now and then many of them are in the need of a professional working environment or need a representative conference room for customer meetings. Moreover, the hiring of co-working spaces provides the opportunity to meet interesting companies. Also, this is a possibility to exchange ideas and start new business relationships. On the other hand there are many small or medium-sized companies that have free office rooms, but not always the need to use these. Rent-o-room offers the possibility to commercialise these office rooms and, at the same time, to get known to interesting people and maybe even potential customers.
For the tenant of rent-o-room the service will always be free of charge. For room owners the service will be free of charge as well. For the moment we want to improve our services and platform. Lateron rent-o-room may charge the room owner for offering rooms. This will only happen after the agreement of the room owner. There will be no surpring costs for the users of rent-o-room.
No. rent-o-room is not a broker, but only provides the technical platform to bring together offers and demand.
The legal basis for the use of rent-o-room are our Terms of Service.
We recommend to set both, a hourly and a daily rate as there is demand for both.
The amount of your rate should be based on the location and facilities of the offered rooms. Ultimately, it remains to the landlord. To find a good rate for example you can check the rates of local office centers, e.g. Regus.
Yes, the owner of rooms can adjust the prices for its services at any time.
A co-working space is a workplace in a shared office of a company. For example, this can be a cubicle at a big company. It also can be a single office room.
Your room will be published immediately after you saved your offer.
No. If you want to cancel your offer you simply need to delete it in your "My rent-o-room" section.
The offers increases daily. With your help our services will become more popular also in your region. Spread the word and help yourself finding more rooms.
Yes. The servers of rent-o-room use the latest encryption technology to protect the data against unauthorized access.
To be sure about copyrights you also should use pictures taken by yourself. These pictures should provide a realistic impression of your room. Pictures of the exterior of the building, the location or the outlook can be helpful, too.
"My rent-o-room" offers a list with all your offerend and remembered rooms. Here you can edit you rooms or delete offered and remembered rooms.
Basically, a booking is binding. In case you need to cancel the booking anyway, immediately contact the landlord. It is up to the landlord to charge a cancellation fee, if so agreed. rent-o-room accepts no liability in this case.
Basically, the tenant has a right to use a rented room as agreed. We recommend not to rent any rooms the personal use is not yet clear. In the unlikely event that this will still happen, please clarify this with your tenant. rent-o-room accepts no liability in this case.
You need to register to be able to use the full functionality of rent-o-room. Additionally, offering of rooms as well as requesting rooms is only possible as a registered user.
This is an action to precent misuse. If you have registered, you can immediately work in your current browser session. However, before you login the next time, you must activate your account using the activation link in the e-mail, rent-o-room sends you after registration.
The copyrights of photos that are uploaded in the portal automatically pass to rent-o-room. It is important that you only use your own photos, which are free of third party copyrights. E.g., if a photographer took pictures the day you moved into your office, you need to clarify with the photographer first, if he maybe owns the copyright.